Have to buy regular license or extended license ?

i own a web design company,
we create websites for our customers,
1st - i want to use themeforest themes for my clients (one licence per domain),
i am charging them for creating a website for them,
and give a link at footer with text “Designed & Developed by #Mycompany”,
which licence i have to buy to use it for my clients,
regular will be enuff or have to buy extended ?
2nd - can i sell the theme to clients ? (1 licence to one client ?)
thanks a lot…

if can’t use
a link at footer with text “Designed & Developed by #Mycompany”,
can i use
"A Project By #Mycompany" ???

You can change the copyright info (morally it is questionable but legally it is ok).

Regular license is fine as long as:

  1. You buy 1 license/copy PER website

  2. You create something different from the original i.e. you edit it etc. and don’t sell on the exact download from TF.

Bear in mind while you can transfer the license to use the them to a client you will not be able to give them access to download updated versions of the theme etc. That will remain with the purchase account.


Also keep in mind that if your client is planning to charge his users for viewing/using the website, you’d need an Extended License.

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Thanks a lot guys,
it means i only need a regular license to create a website for my clients and can charge them anything with my copyright info…

Remember honesty is the best policy! If you charge a client $1000 and don’t tell them it is a theme/template that costs $50 and then they find out it will not reflect well.

You can always justify charging to edit and adapt a theme but that does not mean avoiding telling them where it came from - especially if for some reason in the future you are unable to update/modify it sufficiently


Thanks a lot dude

Thanks a lot dude…

Hi! I’m in doubt.

My client wants built a site for online courses and will charge others for see this courses in his site.

I’ll buy a theme and create this website for him. I’ll be paid for develop this.

I need the regular ou extended license?