Regular license clarificaiton


I’ve been reading some of the questions on the forum regarding the licenses but i’m still confused.

So, basically I want to buy a premium theme and use that theme to showcase and sell products online that customers will buy. Would I then only need to buy a regular license or would that require an extended theme.

Hope that makes sense.



You have to purchase extended license. This one for your website

Helpful article about themeforest license for you


Even if am the manufacturer of the products, i can’t use that theme to just display the items? Obviously, woocommerce will be used for the payments and adding products etc.
The themes only going to be used to make website look better.


Regular license is fine. Extended is required if end users are required to pay to access, use or view the end product created using the item. End users being your customers, and the end product being your website. As nobody has to pay to view or use your site, they only have to pay for your products (which do not include the Envato item), a regular license is fine.


Thank you very much