Extended vs regular license july

If i buy a themeforest theme and i wish it to have my woocommerce , i must have the extended or the regular license ? I mean i am ¨earning¨money because i am selling things so i must have the extended version ?

If you’re just running a standard ecommerce site, then a regular license is fine. It’s when users need to pay to access your site when an extended license is needed. But just selling items on a website is fine :smile:

and if is a multivendor ecommerce ? but using the themeforest theme as template and using external from themeforest ( dokan multivendor plugin ) . Which would be the necessary license from themeforest ? (technically the theme does not offer multivendor ecommerce just woocommerce ) which is enhanced with external multivendor plugin . thank for your time (users has free access to the website) vendors are going to be charged on sold products ( thanks to external dokan plugin)

It won’t mater if multiple vendors sell products on the site. You can still use the regular license.

ok thanks and the last one and may be the most difficult .
if the theme has 1 options to offer free information and another enhanced more detailed only for members ( that must pay) for the more detailed information . which license i would need ? technically the users has free access to the website and they are going to be charged for the extra information (only if they wish,based on membership) so which license i would need in that case ?

I think a regular license would still be fine. But if you want to ask the license experts, you can do that here Envato Help and Support :grin:

ok thank you for your time and only for curiosity when is needed the extended license in which cases ? i have tried to understand it but the unique thing that i could understand is that the end users must be charged in order to access the website .( After 20 years with internet i am not quiet sure which sort of websites are charging their customers to access them ) great support thanks

No worries. Licensing is confusing for everyone I think :smile: If your website content was behind a pay wall so the user has to pay to use or see the content on the site, then an extended license is required.

But it’s pretty rare to come across sites like that.

for sure in fact i could not give you any website which is doing think like that …a website without users is a non sense at least for me maybe in some cases could be something logical but not for the vast majority of the sites :wink: Have a nice evening ! Kind regards!