License confusion

I was about to buy this WordPress theme until the license rules confused the hell out of me:

I want to use it for my business and I want to sell services through my business. Does that mean I need to buy the extended license? If yes, then that makes ThemeForest useless to me (I can go to Freelancer with $2700 and get a better website)

Thanks in advance.

If you are using the website to simply promote and sell your services, then a regular is license is fine.

You only need an extended one if you are using the website to monetise eg if your services were some kind of subscription services which people had to pay to access

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OK thanks so much for explaining. Just to be clear, so as soon as I promote a link to eventBrite then I need an extended license?

I doubt it - that is just a promotional link. The monetization refers to ‘using the website’ not how you promote it

Last question (I hope): so it’s about selling. If I sell a training course via a shopping cart on my site, then that’s when I need to get the extended license.

Thanks so much for your help.

Under regular license you can sell your product mean you can run e-commerce website. You will need extended license if visitor need to pay to access full or part of your website.

More details here:

I’m sorry but this is still confusing.

I’m trying to start a SaaS website where some pages are public (landing page, login, contact us, …) and after login users will have access to private section of the website for which they need to pay subscription fee.

Now I need the template for the public side of the website. For private section, someone else will design those pages.

In other words, every page in the website template I intend to buy from ThemeForest will be publicly available to use/view.

With that said, is a regular license enough for me?

I suggest you ask official support. Items used to not be allowed to be used in any kind of SaaS. I can’t find that rule, but only envato themselves would be able to confirm it. Envato Market Help and Support

Ok. Thanks.

That is strange though because there are a lot of “SaaS templates” in the website for sale.

It might be the case but (wothout checking) I remeber a lot of the items that appear under a search for SaaS are themes/tempaltes for marketing SaaS rather than being the necessary componenets, layouts, technology, scripts etc, under which to actually but the SaaS itself.

Right, which is what I’m looking to do. I want the template for “marketing” side of the website. Of course the “actual” SaaS where is client-only will have a separate designer.

In which case I would have thought the regular one is fine but still best to ask official support to be safe