Extended License - Use in an end product

Hi everyone, i need a bit better understand the extended license, because a want buy a plugin and using in my theme.
So i need to know, if i buy the plugin with extended license can i sell it in my template on themeforest ? Thanks

It’s correct

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@ki-themes thanks a lot!

actually i do not think that it is correct …

It is not correct.

You must get the author’s permission to sell it in your template, and an extended license.

####Can I purchase an item to use as a smaller component within a larger project that I plan to sell as stock or a template? For example, could I purchase a button graphic for a theme I plan to sell?

Use of items in larger stock projects is not allowed as the default position under the licenses, but there are exceptions.

  • Exception 1: When you purchase an Extended License and get written permission from the original author to use in your stock item sold via Envato. Keep a copy of the email giving you permission.

@OsamaSayegh thanks !

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