Use product with extended license to my custom Wordpress Plugin

I bought Theme Forest product with extended license. Can I add/use this product or elements of this product to my custom Wordpress plugin?

Hi @Classic_Designs, your query is not fully clear because you didn’t mention clear info. but as far I can understand you can use for your personal/own use (like for your website).


Are you planning to sell this plug in on Envato? If so, you need permission from the author.

I want to buy Codecanyon item with extended license and use it on Wordpress plugin and then want to sell that plugin on Codecanyon and the item with extended license will be a main/primary element. For example, I bought animated icons from Codecanyon with extended license. Then I want to create Wordpress plugin that can manage those icons and sell that Plugin on Codecanyon. So can I use those icons in plugin using extended license?

You would need permission/agreement with the original author of the other item, as well as the extended license

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Is there any particular template of agreement/permission which I should asked to original author? How would I get that agreement in proper format from the original author?

You can just email and ask. Once they agree you need to get them to email Envato explaining this and share the ticket ID with you to include in your submission

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How can the original author contact ThemeForest to inform them that the author gives me permission? Author doesn’t know how to contact ThemeForest? Is there any email address to contact them? If yes then please let me know so I can give it to the original author.

Get them to open a support ticket explaining that they are giving you permission and then give you the ticket ID to include in your plugin submission Envato Authors Help and Support