Extended License allow buyer to resell a WP version of a plugin ?


Hi everybody.

Just want to cover my bases.

Please, before someone says “ask your support” : i’ve tried, by support apparently does not accept ‘Licensing Questions’. :shocked: I also looked at the forums, but if the info is there, i couldn’t find it.

So my question is: If someone buy extended license from a jquery plugin, he can make a wordpress plugin version and resells it ?


CodeCanyon extended license in other works - Does it allow rent instead of sale?

Yes, the Extended license allows this.


hi David,

thank you for the fast response.

But let me ask you one more thing :
This is your personal understanding of the license (as in “there are many interpretations, this is how i understand it”) or is the only obvious reasonable way to understand the license or is the “envato told me this sometime ago” way to understand the license ? (man, hope this make any sense)

I’m sorry if i am being picky here, but please understand that i am trying to get things right, without any doubt.

Thanks again.



This is my understanding, but I think it’s pretty accurate since I’ve seen themeforest authors using products from codecanyon (including my jquery slider) in their themes. Also, in the price box, below the ‘Extended License’ text you can read this: “a website template for sale (including on ThemeForest or ActiveDen)” . I think we could include CodeCanyon as well. It’s not so common to see CodeCanyon items integrated in other CodeCanyon items but I think the Extended license would allow this, and this is why I don’t offer an extended license for my items anymore. I prefer to integrate them into WordPress plugins/themes myself :slight_smile:


In my understanding, put a slider on a website template is one (valid) thing, it results in another type of product. But when buy a slider and wrap it in a ‘wordpress interface’, you create a direct competitor to the slider.

I’m not saying that your understanding is wrong, it makes sense, i’m just stating what i think :slight_smile:

And in the end i think you are right, i will not offer extended license any more.

One more time, thanks for your help.


I just remembered that there is actually a WordPress slider plugin on CodeCanyon that uses another author’s jQuery slider, so I guess this proves that it’s allowed :slight_smile:

bqworks said

I just remembered that there is actually a WordPress slider plugin on CodeCanyon that uses another author’s jQuery slider, so I guess this proves that it’s allowed :slight_smile:

I wrote a WordPress slider plugin that uses a jquery slider available on Code Canyon (and yes, I purchased an extended license :wink: )


I guess this settle the question then. :slight_smile:



We have also created add-ons for our Styles with Shortcodes based on jQuery scripts that we purchased on Codecanyon with an Extended License. So yes this is definitely allowed, but you cannot resell the jQuery script is self - it must be integrated in another product (e.g. as a WordPress plugin). Or if you purchase a design on Themeforest (PSD) with an Extended license you can create a WordPress theme or CSS theme and resell it, but you can’t resell the PSD alone :slight_smile:


Hey great thread! What about if I buy extended plugin and modify the design and layout, can I then resell it on my own website? I am not concerned with reselling it on codecanyon. Thanks for your input


I just saw I can’t resell it on my website in another thread. Does that mean only if I incorperate it into a theme and resell it?


This is an old thread and this is not allowed anymore unless you have the permission from the author. I don’t know in the details and I’m not providing an official answer but this is how I understood those new rules.