Using ThemeForest item for CodeCanyon product

Hi everyone,

I am little confuse about this issue :thinking:

I want to use a ThemeForest Html template for my upcoming CodeCanyon product. Should I purchase Extended License?

Thanks in advance

I believe you also need permission from the author of the item.


@SpaceStockFootage is right you definitely need permission from the author

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Thanks for the answer. I have two more question.

  1. If that author demand more money than extended license price for the permission, should I give them? Is it legal to pay outside of Envato?

  2. However, if that author give me permission for that, is there any system to have a contract? If not, what is the prove that he gave me permission?

Thanks again.

  1. that’s up to them and you but beyond licensed envato wont get involved.

  2. get it in writing OR email. Then you and/or the author can send a ticket to support explaining that they gave you permission and quote the ticket ID when submitting your item

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Thank you for quick reply. Both of you guys are very helpful :hugs: