I used codecanyon slider products to sell their website template in the themeforest

Hello. I also want to develop a website template to sell themeforest (for example https://themeforest.net/category/site-templates). And here i plan to use Slider from codecanyon. I buy from codecanyon. Perhaps it is my right?. Please Help!

You need written permission from the author of the product (in this case the Slider) for use in your own Envato product. At least that’s how I understand the documentation on this.

@pqina is correct you need express permission from the slider’s author to use it in your file.

They may require a certain license, profit sharing or may just say it’s ok to use it without any extra agreement but either way you must have permission.

Thank You!

Thank You. After receiving a license can be extended permission. This is $70. ((

You may not need the extended license - it’s all down to the authors requirements and permission.

The license alone is not enough.

  • They may ask for you to have an extended license.
  • They may require profit sharing
  • They may give you permission without any special requirements.

That permission is more important than anything.