want to include some licensed products with my theme

i want to include some licensed under Envato products with my theme or can i upload my theme without them?

What do you mean ‘Licensed under envato products’?

Do you mean other files for sale on Themeforest or CodeCanyon?

Layerslider is one of them but i have regular license

You have to have the correct licenses (and in some case agreements/permission etc from authors) to use any Codecanyon or Themeforest files in your theme.

In the case of Layer Slider you need the extended license http://support.kreaturamedia.com/faq/4/layerslider-for-wordpress/#group-3&entry-18

can i leave it to user Charlie, to spice up the theme?

You don’t have to use it but if you add it to just the demo and don’t actually include it in the theme download (with the correct license) then that will hurt any sales badly.

Either you need to buy the extended license or find an alternative (check the commercial use license on anything that’s not your that you plan on including).