Use Premium Plugins In Themes.

I’m a theme developer and want to use some premium plugins like slider revolution in my themes…
and each customer of my theme should have a licensed slider revolution!
so, Should I buy extended the license of the slider revolution plugin?
What do I do now?

Yes, you should purchase the extended license. One more detail, if you would like to use the plugin on another project (theme) as well, you need to purchase another copy of extended license

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Thanks for this info

Please be aware that besides buying the Extended License, in some cases, you will also need a written permission from the author of those plugins, as stated in this article:

Can I purchase an item to use as a smaller component within a larger project that I plan to sell as stock or a template? For example, could I purchase a button graphic for a theme I plan to sell?

Use of items in larger stock projects is not allowed as the default position under the licenses, but there are exceptions.

Exception 1: When you purchase an Extended License and get written permission from the original author to use in your stock item sold via Envato and/or outside of Envato (as applicable). Keep a copy of the email giving you permission.

Example: A CodeCanyon author has a slider and gives permission by email to a ThemeForest author to use the slider, under the Extended License, in a theme.

Exception 2: When an author gives a blanket permission (in the item description) for the item to be used in other stock items sold via Envato and/or outside of Envato (as applicable), with the purchase of an Extended License. Keep a record of this permission if you use an item in this way (e.g. save a screenshot).

Example: A CodeCanyon author has a slider and states in the item description that any buyer is permitted under the Extended License to use this item in a larger stock item that will be sold on Envato Market.

Exception 3: When the smaller component is licensed as 100% GPL, you may use it within a larger stock item without needing special permission from the author.