Can I Include a CodeCanyon Plugin on My Developed WordPress Theme of ThemeForest?

Hi everyone,
I’ve developed a WordPress theme. I have seen many authors of ThemeForest using & including the “Slider Revolution” plugin on their developed theme which is paid on CodeCanyon.

So, I wanted to know that, Can I use & include a CodeCanyon plugin (after plugin purchase) on my developed WordPress theme? Is there any restriction on using & including the CodeCanyon plugin on my theme?


yes, you can. you have to purchase extended license and have to get permission from the plugin author.

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But author(s) who are using Slider Revolution or other plugin didn’t purchase the extended license; they just purchase the regular license. Also I didn’t seen anyone getting permission to use the Slider Revolution plugin.

Is it okay to purchase the regular license & use it?

No, you have to have the extended license at least, and depending on the plugin, permission from the author

The same rule applies to ALL plugins

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