Using a theme from ThemeForest in a script to be sold in CodeCanyon

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding licensing. I have read some articles about it but it is still not really crystal clear for me, so I decided to create a new topic here.

I am planning to create a script to be sold in CodeCanyon. There will be an admin area, and I am planning to use one of the admin themes from ThemeForest.

Does the extended license allow me to include the item (the admin theme) in my script?

What I mean by include is that I am going to use some components of the theme to build the admin area. I am not going to minify any css and js files because I want my customers to be able to customise the script as they need. But, I am not entirely copy and paste the theme neither.

Has anyone have any comment on this?



In this case you have to not only purchase extended license but also have to take permission from the admin theme author. So, please contcat with the admin theme author and let them know.