Extented License for Visual Composer! Question about using licenses

Hi Everybody,

I’d love to purchase the Visual Composer Extented License. However, please clarify in case I’ll not much change the code of the theme should I purchase Extented License for the second theme separately that will be not greatly changed?

Many thanks

You will need one extended license for each theme you are planning to bundle VC with.


I mean if I need to purchase the extented license for a child theme.

Many thanks

You should have mentioned that you are referring to a child theme in your initial posting.

As a child theme (speaking for WordPress here) can’t work without the main theme and is useless without the main theme, you obviously do NOT need a second VC license for that.

In general: For every theme you sell as a standalone product, you will need one extended VC license.

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Thank you kindly for your clear and detailed reply. Have a nice day!

@Tekanewa so you said if i submit a wordpress template on themeforest and i want to add vc to it, i have to purchase vc extended license for each sale?

1 extended license per theme it is used in