review my project

Hey Guys! I am new here! i am Web Designer who decided to sell first project on envato themforest , i
am pleased if any developer or designer review my theme before upload it and comment any notes that make project be hard reject of soft reject thanks.

Looks like a good one your firs project. Carry on!

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thanks alot

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You are most welcome!

What’s the connection?


What’s your mean

That link is a different URL to the same item available on another website

You can’t submit an item which is either ripped from someone else’s work or which is already available for free elsewhere.


Do you mean all themes on envato different!!!

Of course there will be similarities in a marketplace of envato’s size, but there is a big difference between original work that follows marketplace trends, and outright stealing other people’s work.


Do you mean i am not cable of copy any theme or wordpress from themeforest and put it free to any one

Initially - you asked for review on your item for submission. The issue is that is it not your item - it is someone else’s item.

That is illegal, not to mention a waste of your time, reviewer’s time and dis-respectful to other authors.

Just for clarity - no you can’t just buy an item and share it out as, when or where you want.

  • Each license allows for one use/one website/one domain

  • Each project needs to be significant changes and cannot just be ‘as-is’ > “You can’t license an item and then make it available as-is on your website for your users to download.”


Thanks sir you explain to me issues that not clear to me but this item founded it ui design and i am develope it iam dont knew that item available for free thanks again sir and iam sorry to waste for you your time :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: