Feedback for website - what I have to improve before submitting

I created a website and I will submit for themeforest within 2 days … before submitting there, what I have to improve … Please give me your feedback

Here is link

There’s a whole lot of features, code and identical content that looks suspiciously like - all work must be 100% original. You cant just restyle and tweak other peoples’ work - it’s illegal and a complete waste of both your and the reviewers time.

Beyond that:

  • you have avoidable validation issues

  • the styling in parts is awful

  • for what it’s worth crappy free hosting is terrible idea - I have a feeling that the one you are using in particular, won’t even work for envato because of problems with launching websites in an iFrame.

Thanks for your feed back . Basically , I will maintain 100% legality and Probably, I can buy this theme from there before submitting this template with copyright issues … I