WordPress Theme Assets Licencing

Hi Everyone,

I’m new on envato marketplace and i’m trying to start selling wordpress theme on themeforest and i need help from community or from expert authors.

The issue is i’m using many photos of people in my theme (demos) from different stock photography websites and some from pexels.com, pixabay.com (freebies). Now i don’t understand how to include license of purchased images in my theme package and how envato will verify the images included in my item are free to use or not.

Also revolution slider is included in my theme bundle and my question is how can i include the extended license of revolution slider in my theme package?

  • images youndot include in the download. Just replace demo images with place holders

  • slider. Never share the license. If there’s an update then you as the author make this change and release it as a theme upgrade

Thanks for your quick response. If i don’t include licenses in my theme then how themeforest will verify that the assets i’m using in my theme are allow to use commercially?

I can’t include free images in the download as well or it’s just for the stock images?

We don’t sell items here so there may be better people to answer this esp about plugins but images should always be placeholders regardless of where they are from. You can always link to the originals in your documentation but leave them out of the download