Bought a theme, need to buy more licences

Hi all,
It’s my first purchase on Themeforest, this is something i dont understand :
I bought a wordpress theme called libero :
The item details shows great features and design.
After the set up, i notice that 2 plugins included require licences too WPbakery and Slider Revolution. I couldn’t find any licences for them in the download section.
I’m ok to pay more for a good looking website but i just want to be sure those licences are not included and i have to buy them separately.
Thank you for your kind help.


I think you are looking this

Let me know updates


Thank you, it answers the question, if i want a site which looks like the live preview, i have a to buy licences for more plugins. It’s ok but i feel a little bit scamed.
it would be fair to show this somewhere before you buy a theme.

This live preview was made with the following additionnel plugins : 
- yyyy plugin +xx$
-  yxyxy plugin +xx$

You do not need to buy extra plugin. if you see any plugin exist with any of Themeforest theme then you will received all plugin license for using with that theme only.

If you have any other question about your purchase theme author from here