third party plugin for themeforest theme

Hi everyone, I love your forum! I’m here to ask for info on a doubt. I purchase a licensed envato theme. this theme has bundled plugins inside, I can then install other third-party wordpress plugins example: plugin restaurant reservation open source, without running into problems with the theme? because i read that envato themes must use plugin bundles but cannot install third party plugins … can you help me out? thank you for your time!

You can but there’s no way to know if there may be conflicts without trying.

You could ask the author in item comments but if they did not create the other plugin then it will not be possible to make guarantees

Thanks Charlie for the prompt reply! my question was apart from the conflict of operation, is it legal to install other wordpress plugins besides the bundled ones? or I run into problems because I have to use only those provided by the theme?

Edit: Obviously the theme I buy has a regular license … I don’t think there are problems if I install other wordpress plugins as it is an opensource and open to modification and expansion of the software or am I wrong?

It’s totally legal to do

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