Wordpress.org site recovery

Hi guys,

My previous company contacted me as a site I used to work has been replaced by another companies web page. After some investigating it seems their domain name & hosting expired and was brought by another company.

I would like to restore this website using the same themeforest ‘advocator’ theme and, ideally using a backup of the old site. I know we used to back-up the site monthly using the wordpress plugin ‘updraft plus.’ I found these back-ups on a google drive account but can’t properly see if they are working without wordpress.

My question is, what is the best way to go about restoring this site? I know I would need to purchase a new domain name (we are still paying for dual hosting with DreamHost). Should it be as simple as connecting a new domain with wordpress.org, downloading the same theme again and then re-syncing the back-up files using updraft plus?

Any advice/guidance anyone can give would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I did many wordpress project for backup/restore jobs, contact me for premium service via email: abdullah.media [@] gmail.com and lets discuss things in detail. thankyou


Thank you for your response and your offer to help. As the company is a charity without a large budget, at this stage I would like to see if it is possible to do myself.

Where I need some advice is on the order I would need to do things. Should I purchase a new domain name, download the wordpress.org software and then back-up using ‘updraft plus’? If I have the back-ups saved would they include the purchased theme? Or would I need to re-purchase it?

Thanks in advance.