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I have a question regarding the usage of themes, I understood that they are quite easy to use and that is the reason why I would like to buy one and use it.

Allow me to give you some context and explain to you my little knowledge on the topic. We (our small law company) require an update of our website, our current one is over a couple years old and holds faulty information, our web designer that currently hosts the site is asking us too extreme prices for a new design, so we decided to look for alternatives. We found wordpress, but we are not satisfied with the free themes, thus making me end up here.

We would like to buy a theme and have a new website using Wordpress and the Theme but we are confused as of what type of Wordpress subscription we require, will premium be enough to let us use the themes from themeforest? or do we really need to get the business subscription (that one would be a bit out of our budget), so any alternatives?



You can buy any WordPress theme with regular licence, that mean, it will cost you approx $29 - $60.



To make things short:

You do not need any type of subscription. Just browse the theme, select and purchase. No subscription needed for themeforest.

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So I can upload any theme from Themeforest to my Wordpress website?


Yes, any WordPress theme from here:


No not exactly - you cannot use it on a site.

You have to have your own domain and hosting with WordPress installed on it (downloadable from then you can install any theme from here there.

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Thanks for your clear response!

Now my question is, maybe I should’ve read more myself but I am just going to ask, how and where can I host/use the easiest?


Any webhost that allows databases

There are tons of options from cheaper shared hosting big names like Blue, HostGator, GoDaddy but if you want optimal performance then you can look at dedicated hosting or someone like WPEngine

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