Are there any ready to use Website available on Themeforest for Complete Noobs?

Hello, If someone has zero coding knowledge, are there any themes and templates available on Themeforest, that can help him create a website?

You do not need any coding experience to use WordPress themes, majority of buyers of WP themes are not coders.
But I would suggest to install the WordPress on your hosting first and play with the default themes a bit before you purchase any premium theme.

Worth adding - WP is NOT like Wix, it creates proper websites

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WP themes are good except the plugins part, which complicates everything.

Also can you recommend me an “Extraordinary Great WP Theme”. Like there are many good wordpress themes, but then there are few which stands out among the best, so if you guys know something like this, do let me know!

Anything by @tommusrhodus, @fuelthemes, @greatives, @colabrio we’ve bought thousands of items and while there are numeorus great authors out there - these ones stand out from the crowd