What theme is this


a client wants his static website upgraded to a wordpress website. It’s this site: http://www.matrassenreus.com/
Now, it seems really familiar to me, I think I’ve seen it in themeforest either in the HTML or in the Wordpress section. Does anyone know which (if any) theme this is? And if not, if there’s a theme that looks a like?


It’s not a WP theme but you could create that pretty easily with most of the multi-purpose site templates or themes on here.

It’s a bit generic to be able to pin point exactly if/which it is

It is not a problem to make same looking site in Wordpress.

You can hire me and I cam make such site.


Hi, I want to go from a html code to a wordpress template.
Could you tell if if there’s a template similar to my webpage?
Puertas asturmex

You can make such site with any basic template.
If you need help you can hire me and I will make it.