Rules on PHP and Page Builders in WordPress Themes

Newbie here needing some help.

I am a designer.

I want to upload an approvable WordPress theme, however, I am not much of a coder.

I have purchased several themes and use Visual Composer.

I noticed that, in themes I have purchased, most of them are built on an upgraded version of Visual Composer or something very similar.

So, I have two questions:

  1. Do I need to make my own framework for approval or can I use a Page Builder only?
  2. What are the rules on upgrading/enhancing the code of other themes from ThemeForest and using that as the framework for my new theme?

Thanks in advance! Guidance is much appreciated :blush:

  1. You can use generic frameworks like Underscores but there is a lot more to integrating a page builder and just installing a plugin and off you go

  2. Absolutely 100% not allowed

With respect, if you are “not much of a code” then you will probably struggle to produce WP themes for here.

It may seem easy when you buy a theme from here and go about editing and adding features and elements with ease using a page builder but the process of getting the item to that point and being able to maintain it going forward is a lot more complex

By that advice, it would seem as though the code is more important than the design. I do not think that is the case, therefore, I will carry on.

Can I get a response from someone who has themes approved by ThemeForest? Thank you.

For what it’s worth I can assure you that both design and code are just as important.