Advice for new wordpress author

Hello all!

I am a complete newbie but I have been studying web design online for a while now and wanted to break into making some WordPress themes that I might be able to sell on theme forest in the near future. I notice a lot of WordPress themes come with builder plugins installed as perks such as Divi, Visual composer etc. So with this in mind, is it worth developing a theme that has actively been designed with one of these plugins for an end user to use? If so, which is the best one? I can see from a functionality point of view this would be beneficial for the end user. But I am just looking for some advice from other authors that were once starting the same journey I am. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

WordPress has a built-in page builder, or rather block editor as they call it, also known as Gutenberg. You should make sure your theme works with this one before you venture into adding support for 3rd party page builders. Once you will be ready for that, then of course Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder are the most popular ones.