Use WordPress Page Builders or Not?

Hello, Everyone,
I need your thoughts about developing a WordPress theme just with code, no page builders like [elementor, visual composer, … ] used at all. Is that still a valid idea and the theme will make it sell OR it’s not worthing the effort.
Thank you all, Waiting for your precious thoughts.

Depends on the type of the theme. Like some basic biog theme doesn’t really need the page builder. On the other hand, the WP already have a built-in page builder - Gutenberg, your theme should ideally support it.

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I’m not sure did we miss a lot of customers because our themes only support Gutenberg Editor, but anyway we have good sales. I think new customers don’t care about builder. But I know exactly that some customers that build websites for their clients really care, they all love Elementor.

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I think that most new customers are looking for a theme with a nice demo that they can just import and be done, while freelancers who take on client work are more likely to be interested in a theme based on features and supported builder so they can easily make customizations (if they are most comfortable with Elementor they probably won’t buy a WPBakery theme). I would say go with what you’re interested in coding.

That said - whether or not you make sales will largely depend on your marketing, if you have a good/attractive demo and if you are promoting your item well.

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Most customers love the flexibility that comes with page builders. You may need to put their best interest into consideration.

Isaac Michael