Are all WordPress themes using page builders?

I’m so disappointed to see that practically every WordPress theme seems to now incorporate page builders; it’s practically required use to get anything remotely close to demos presented by authors.

Is this the norm that every theme now requires page builders?

I know some will say not required, but not installing or using a built-in page builder means a very plain basic emptiness.

We don’t use page builders in our themes. Also, I had some custom work for one customer to remove the page builder from existing theme and create all using shortcodes/page templates/custom meta boxes.

So it is not required and if you create a minimal/light themes there is no need for page builders.

Most of my themes are minimal and not required any page builders as well

Hi @GeJay. It’s a good question - many of the most popular items on ThemeForest use page builders, but that’s definitely not universal. I currently use a couple of different themes for relatively minimal sites, and prefer working without page builders.

So why use wordpress at all? Just use bootstrap or if you need a cms there are much faster cms out there.

Some page builders are truly amazing, lightweight and save a lot of time.

Weird, I never received any notification of replies. Anyway, I know there are some who don’t use or require page builders, but from what I’ve seen, many (most) do. When you see new themes released at TF, their demos look great, but next thing I do is look at the specs and when I’ve asked the theme author, generally the answer is yes, to achieve what the theme can do with these layouts, you have to use a page builder(s).

Basically any and all themes don’t “need” or “require” page builders, but to get anything remotely close to some of the demo styled layouts, you need one.

Most of these themes come with this builders included so you should save some money. For many entry level users it’s much easier to use a visual drag and drop interface rather than a text one, i am not fan of page builders either but that is what it’s expected this days. However you can find some very nice themes without page builders.