Can I still upload themes without a page builder?

Hi. I wonder if I still can create themes using only PHP template files, instead of using page builders.
For example, in my theme I want to create, say, three demos for the home page, different shop templates, etc.
I see most themes today use page builders, such as Elementor. I don’t want to use them. Will that be a problem?
Anyway, suppose I decide to use Elementor. Do I need to ask them permission to add the plugin to my theme?


You can create a theme without page builder. Page builders are not required.

If you decide to use a Elementor in your theme, you can use only the free version and you don’t need to ask for permission. But, the Elementor plugin must be installed directly from

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Thank you very much, @CocoBasic! That was exactly what I wanted to know.

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