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Can I sell theme that is completely built with Elementor?
(I’m not asking for Elementor Templates category).

Yes you can sell wordpress theme with elementor page builder.

Yes and no.

When you say completely, that mean also header, footer, blog, 404, search, archive page will be made with Elementor? Keep in mind that you can not use the Pro version of Elementor. But you can use free/custom plugins which will help you to create those pages. So, yes.

But your theme also must have default layout for header, footer, blog, archive, search, single page which are not created with Elementor. When the reviewer will check your theme, he will install only the theme (will not install Elementor or any additional plugins) and you must have there all parts (header, footer, blog…) with default layout.

So, yes, you can create a theme only with Elementor but you must have also “default layout” which is not created with Elementor.

I know this, I think you didn’t get my question! but Thank You… :innocent:

@CocoBasic So In short, I have to manually code WordPress Themes… What about WordPress 5.8 Gutenberg? Have you checked it?

Reviewer will always check only the theme (without any additional plugin) - in other words, he will install the theme and import the test demo content Theme Unit Test « WordPress Codex and all demo content must be styled and work correctly. He will not import your demo content, only the test one.

So, by default you must have header, footer, blog, etc pages which are “manually coded” in your theme (parts which are not created with any builder / plugin). That is what you must have no matter if you will create your custom/premium features using Elementor, Visual Composer or custom Gutenberg blocks.

Hope I was clear here.

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Which theme? Go to themeforest.net search there. We are discussing about theme creation (elementor kit) :slight_smile: Hope this helps…