Elementor Header Footer Builder

Hi all,
We use Elementor as Page Builder for our themes but i want to ask you something, for authors that use this function: build header and footer with Elementor.

When build a theme, need also to make with normal header and footer (for review) and you offer option for user to import (only if they buy elementor pro) header styles?

I know Envato wants to offer a theme that works without plugins so my question is:

  • I need to make the same header like i make with elementor, using only theme? I need to make 3 header styles only from theme or to make only one header as default and then other 2 to be option from elementor?

Or how to deal with this?


From where you get this:

I know Envato wants to offer a theme that works without plugins ?

Of course you can use a plugins in your themes.
You can create Header/Footer with free Elementor + free plugin on WordPress.org

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Yes, i know that i can but i 'm thinking how need to be if i will have 3 headers +3 footers:

  • i need to provide this as defautl only from theme or to make one header+one footer design to have theme complete and as option to build more using elementor?


When you create a theme and submit it on ThemeForest, review will not install any additional plugins (will not install even the Elementor) but you must have there some default header/footer (the menu must be visible and to work properly).

So, the theme it self must have some header/footer by default. And after you install the Elementor + some other plugins, you can give a customer a option to use some other header/footer which is created with Elementor.

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