Elements + Elementor = Header/Footer problem

Hello, I am trying to create wordpress website with Elements and Elementor plugins but I don’t have Elementor Pro version, does this mean I can’t somehow import ready header and footer I have in installed Template Kit to my website? Because It’s like I see default header and footer in Elementor preview and can only make new from scratch, I want to import ready ones I get in template kit. I am providing some screenshots below, can you please tell me what plugin or tool I exactly need or what am I missing? I will be very thankfull!

Here is link to live website preview


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!


Hello, thank you for your reply @unlockdesign , I am afraid I have to contact every Author because this is not problem only in one Template, I have same problem in every Template from Template Kits from Envato Elements plugin, noone of them is working properly for me, I have Elements subscription, can you please tell me where should I look for help if not here?

Edit: I tried to upload templates I downloaded from Envato Elements in Templates > Import Templates but for every one I try i get critical error

Can you please tell me why is nothing from Envato working properly for me? Am I doing something wrong? If yes please point me in good direction because I’m losing hope in this subscription for Envato Elements I just bought


Get in touch with envato elements customer center they would like to assist you.



Just a quick answer here that the header and footer will be configured differently in every kit depending on the plugins it uses. Instructions for this are in the description of the item on themeforest.

If the kit is an Elementor Pro kit, headers and footers are setup via Theme Builder https://elementor.com/academy/setting-conditions-theme-builder-tutorial/

If the kit uses ElementsKit Lite, the header and footer are setup under ElementsKit > Header Footer

If the kit does not use either of the above, you can download and install the free Elementor Header & Footer Builder plugin from Plugins > Add New and set it up there, or use your theme’s header and footer.

For the above case, please ensure you have Hello Elementor activated (not 2020/2021 theme)