WordPress Templates from Envato Elements are not importing

I have been using Envato for years and just recently I have had issue with templates getting installed into Wordpress. I installed Wordpress, Elementor and the Envato elements plugin, did the import kit from Elements but nothing is in the Elementor template file. It shows there was something imported (file name) but nothing is in the import. What am I missing, I have done this a TON of times and every time worked fine but in the last 2 days 2 templates acted the same way.

There may be some issue with the template you imported. If it’s from Marketplace, contact the item author for the support.

Its actually in Envato Elements where I am getting the download for the themes but it doesn’t matter I did a download from the directory as well as an import directly into Wordpress through the Token and nothing. Images have come through recently but not website templates.


Ensure you’re following this process to import your kit using the Envato Elements plugin which is installed from Plugins > Add New in WordPress,

If you are downloading items from the elements website, ensure you have a compatible product. Our plugin only supports Elementor Template Kits and cannot install WordPress Themes, HTML Templates or “Site Templates”. Elementor Template Kits will always say “Elementor template kit” in the item title and filename.

There are some special kits on Elements called “Elementor Pro Full Site Kit”. If your item is a full site kit, it is installed under Elementor > Tools > Import and requires Elementor Pro.

If you are confident the item you have is compatible etc, make sure your plugins are up to date and go to Elementor > Settings and click the “Features” tab and make sure all of the release features in the bottom section are enabled, especially “Flexbox container”. Everything in the “experimental features” section on the top should be disabled on a live website.

All new kits released from Oct 2023 onward use Flexbox and will import blank if you do not have the feature enabled.

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The Same thing happening with me :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::

You can’t expect so many things when you pay 19$~ per month for thousands of items.

For codes, use ThemeForest/CodeCanyon