Are page building plugins an unwritten wordpress theme requirement?

Hi all,

I’m a long time WordPress designer looking at writing my first theme and submitting it for approval on ThemeForest. I’m concerned that some themes come bundled with complex page building plugins that weigh the approval process in their favour. Is it possible to get a theme approved without one of these plugins?

Yes, all our themes are without page builder. We are using just Contact Form 7 and sometime some social share plugin and that is all of 3rd part plugins.

Of course, there is one our plugin which consist plugins, custom meta boxes, custom post type, etc…

It’s not a requirement but worth considering that you may end up alienating a sizeable % of buyers without one.

Thanks for the advice.

I was thinking that because alot of the wordpress themes released have some pre-designed layouts that some level modular page building would benefit the customer over some custom meta boxes / custom post types. Just curious how some developers handle this without a page builder.

Personally I would prefer often to have custom fields etc. But the majority of less experienced buyers will be wowed by the “infinite possibilities” of a page builder (even when 95% of them will end up using the demo import layouts!).

Don’t get me wrong page builders do have a place and huge potential value in the right themes and the hands of the right users. Plus having these massively increase appeal and versatility of the widest audience.

It really comes down to personal choice but I would imagine that using a builder will help increase sales potential.

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