Is it become necessary to use page builder in Theme Development?

Is it become necessary to use page builder in Theme Development

I noticed that everyone is using page builder in their Theme development

is it necessary? I was thinking to develop the theme using Advanced Custom Field Plugin (Free version). Should I go with it?

I don’t prefer to use page builders

It’s up to you but builders offer more versatility and flexibility which increases appeal and reduces the “what if I want it to look like…” questions from buyers

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It depends on the theme. If you are doing a simple blog theme which basically doesn’t even use standard pages then you don’t need the page builder (however such theme would have to be super premium and well done to be even approved). For anything more complex where you need to edit page content, you will need a page builder.
Nobody is going to bother with shortcodes anymore. Especially when the block editor (Gutenberg) is the native part of WordPress. You may be lucky to sell few licenses to some “old timers”, but you can’t build a business on that. It doesn’t really matter what you prefer, if you want to sell, you need to do what customers prefer. And if you actually want to succeed in this business, you need to learn to embrace the change.

Not sure how exactly you plan to use ACF so I can’t answer your question about it. But if you are trying to somehow allow users to edit content of pages via ACF (instead of using a page builder) then it sounds like a very bad idea.

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I got your point! We have to think from customer perspective!

But I feel like my coding skills are no longer useful when I use page builders

But I feel like my coding skills are no longer useful when I use page builders

Adding page builder support doesn’t mean you just put the_content() between header and footer and let your customers put whatever elements they want in between. You should create your own elements which will integrate with a page builder. Not even saying that all the default elements should work well with your theme as well.
Especially now, with a handy page builder right in the core (Gutenberg), it would be IMHO stupid to not make use of it when developing a new theme. Why would you want to willingly create inferior product? Leave your comfort zone and learn how to develop with a page builder in mind.

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You’re right! I have to embrace new changes

One last question, In the beginning should I use elementor free version

or should I directly go with pro version of it

Thank you for answering my questions🙏


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Elemente pro, you can t include in theme so free is better.
Also you can make your plugin with widgets for elementor.


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So I can use Unlimited Elements (elementor) plug-in to create a custom widgets, right?

You do not need any additional plugins to create custom widgets for Elementor. Only the Elementor.
The Unlimited Elements is the library of some 3rd party custom Elementor widgets.
Do you even understand what custom widget means?

Of course Buddy! Before this, I used to develop websites this way

  1. Create a static website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript

  2. After that, I convert it to WordPress using Underscore and then make everything dynamic using Advanced Custom Field

but this time I have to change my working strategy, as you told me that nowadays clients prefer the page builders

So this time some things are new to me and sorry If I asked something stupid!

I watched this video

That’s why that question arose in my mind!

I do not know how exactly this Unlimited Widgets work, but you certainly doesn’t need anything else then your own coding skills and Elementor docs to create your custom widgets. Anything else is optional.

But most importantly, considering that this whole thread is about you submitting items on ThemeForest, you will need a great design before you should even think about stuff like Elementor. Coding is the easy part of the whole process.

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Yeah! Totally agree with you! Once again thank you for your help! You’re awesome​:+1::handshake: