Which page builder is best?


I want to develop a new wordpress theme for selling on themeforest. I researched several days for page builder like Elementor, Visual composer, wp backery and king composer, but I am still confused which one is best.

Any suggestions?

Please, try Elementor for that. Its super easy.


Thanks a lot.
Yes, it have lots of advantages and it’s easy to customize.

How about wpbackery? Most of the elite autors used it.

Personally - I seems not like wpbackery page builder. As, it gives me much trouble for drag and drop functionality and not flexible for live preview. BUT its differ from person to person.

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wpbackery is one of the worst builders I ever tried, not recommended at all

If you are starting now, and you want to think it the long term, maybe Gutenberg is the best solution, now is not good but in a near future will become the standard most probably, it’s also free.

Thanks for your reply.
How about Visual composer / Elementor? Both are free

I have recently start to use Elementor in some of my themes.and I am supper happy with that. I am recommending Elementor.

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Thank you

There is a plugin which “extend” Gutenberg (probably there are more of them). This one is still new, but it has already a lot of options- https://wordpress.org/plugins/kioken-blocks/


Can we Use free version of Elementor us for themeforest or we have to buy pro version?


You can use free version for theme sell

I dont know much about how licensing is work. Please contact Elementor team for that.

Please i am new to WordPress Theme development and i have been reading from wordpress.org about it, but i am still not following, What are the basic skills required? I can install WordPress, Themes & Plugins and customize it. But i want to build one myself. Please help. Thank you.

Elementor + Ocean WP is a good place to start, but yes, most of us using WP for years were forced to use VC / WP Bakery.

But once you use Elementor, its kinda difficult to go back - yet we still know how to use WP Bakery- It’s a shame there isn’t a huge focus on Envato in general.

If you consider a futuristic perspective, Gutenberg is the way to go. It’s true that it’s still not mature yet, but it will get there eventually, and it’s not far away from today.

While you will be only reaching max half of the WordPress community (WordPress 5.0 and above installed websites rate is in 54% today - and not all of them have Gutenberg On.), and your sales will start slow, but eventually all those page builder plugins will either fade out or adapt to Gutenberg.

Right now when you use a page builder plugin, it adds MBs of resources to your theme, slowing the theme and site down. And then you need to either use a metabox plugin or create yourself with lots of filters and hooks and styles/scripts etc. Additional both work load for you and resource load for the user.

With GB, I’ve developed metaboxes for posts and pages in 5 hours with more than 40 options in it, however in size it’s all totaling 16kb (using Gutenberg sidebar plugin hook). And built a full Gutenberg page builder which totals 900kb gzipped in the editor, and 60kb in the front end, doing at least half of what ie Elementor can.

Users and buyers love that kind of stats and they also slowly adopt Gutenberg.

The way I see it, investing dev and design time for extending current page builder plugins in your theme is a waste of time, since all your work on that will be obsolete in about a year or so.

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