Please help me, please REPLY my message

Hi to all:

Please help me how works wordpress backup themes, plugins and database for submit themeforest? I already backup themes, database and plugins install themes not working I need submit themeforest thanks.

I need help me.


Hello @JeriTeam

It’s not very clear from your message, what you want to do:

  1. submit for review a theme/plugin which creates WP backups?
  2. backup your website with a backup plugin?

Which one? :slight_smile:
Or maybe something else?

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If you don’t know which files you should include in theme and what to upload, I suggest you to download some free theme and take a look what you need to include in your own theme

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It is hard to understand what you are asking for, sorry.

If you need to backup your WP site or anything similar like that just ask google and you will get a lot of instructions about that.

But, I really recommend you to try to find some forum/website or some author from your country and to try to get instructions in your main language.

You can’t get help here if we don’t understand what you are asking for.

Look, I think that backup for my wordpress is wrong that I have exported because it does not work proof when opening my web page does not work because they are not same as my original theme.

Do you understand me?

I use translate google better english.

Mira, yo creo que backup para mi wordpress esta mal que he exportado porque no funciona prueba cuando abrir mi pagina web no funciona porque no son mismo que mi plantilla original.

Me entiendes?

Maybe the backup you have is older or corrupt.

You could also try to contact your web hosting provider, some web hosting providers make daily/weekly automatic backups of your account.

And please don’t use “up” for keeping topics at top.


Sorry for I add “up”.

No think that my hosting bad but I need learn more backup because I not know very good how use it.

Do you have a tutorial backup wordpress and fix folder themes and plugins? please give me thanks.

Good Day :slight_smile:


Here is an article which might help:

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Many thanks :slight_smile:

I will learning this tutorial regards.

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Use a plug-in

I use: all in one migrate:

Thanks @goofydadog I think that no need backup but I want export “One Click Import Demo” for sell my themes on themeforest, how make it? please help me thanks.

I am worry because I not can sell themes wordpress themeforest because not find solution :frowning: it hurts me head looking

There are plug-ins for that too:

  • No idea if any good!

Yes but I need create one-click-demo my themes before of submit themeforest.

Hi @JeriTeam,

Actually the author of One Click Demo Import plugin has provided all the instructions on how to create your demo data files. Please read plugin description :slight_smile:



Many thanks :slight_smile: Regards.

I already export xml content but not wordking import files for one-click-demo :frowning: please help me thanks.

My test wordpress localhost upload my themes but not working message one-click-demo :frowning:


I not know how I can make

It looks like you are trying to use function that hasn’t been declared yet. Are you sure if it’s name is correct or if you are including a file where it might have been declared?

But error I know how fix it need export plugins also, how I can export plugins? I need export plugin navigation I already but licenses extended codecanyon my folder themes is good not error