WP advocator theme help


I trying to restore a wordpress.org website that I used to work on, using a new domain name.

The theme the site was using was this ‘advocator’ theme:


  1. We used to back up the site monthly using ‘updraft plus’, does this mean we would not have to repurchase the advocator theme? Or would we need an updated version?

  2. Once I have the wordpress.org software installed on the new domain, should I be able to restore the site through the back-up files? Or is there another step missing?

Any advice anyone can give would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

For reference, here is the site I am trying to restore:http://web.archive.org/web/20160317235056/http://www.thisisitnetwork.co.uk/

Once you have bought the theme then you receive updates for life so all you need to do is revisit your downloads page and download it again to get the latest version.

Is the original website that you used the theme on still live? If so you would need a new license/copy of the theme (1 purchase = 1 website).

Assuming you have all the correct licenses then reinstating the site from a back up would be a case of trial and error as in theory it could work but there are several factors that could cause a problem.