WordPress Bakery

Every time there is an update to WordPress Bakery I have to come and manually download and install it. I can never find the update to download it and I always have trouble installing it. Are there any step by step handholding instructions on exactly where to surf to page by page to get the update each time? And then instructions to get the update installed simply each time? I paid for this in the hopes that this would help.

The update will be available in your downloads area of your account (codecanyon.net/downloads)

The best way to install WP plugin updates from CodeCanyon is to FTP into your website, go to wp-content/plugins and overwrite the existing plugin files with the new ones.

This guarantees you won’t lose any changes as you are not uninstalling the plugin and the files will be automatically changed to the new versions.

Envato do have a WordPress plugin which installs and downloads the updates for themes and plugins automatically but it’s currently broken but hopefully released again soon.

Some themes and plugins have capability of automatic updating, so you need to find and try such function first. You’ll need purchase code for that.

I drag the unpacked js_composer with all the same files to the FTP client that is already connected to overwrite the existing folder with all the same files and folders in the correct directory and it says it is connecting over and over and never gets beyond zero percent progress. This is not working. What should I do differently, what should I check?

Visual Composer can be updated automatically. Simply go to your WP dashboard > Visual Composer > Product License and insert your credentials there. When there will be an update it will be displayed and updated like any other ordinary WP plugin.