Win $3,000 in our PixelSquid & Envato Wallpaper Contest

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We’ve teamed-up with the amazing object library PixelSquid to offer $3,000 in prizes for creating inspirational wallpaper designs to kick-off the creative new year!

What we’re looking for

We want you to create inspirational desktop wallpapers by incorporating the following:
  • Object assets from PixelSquid
  • An inspirational quote (either your own or something well-known)
  • Great typography

What exactly is PixelSquid?

PixelSquid is a library of thousands of perfectly isolated and spinnable objects that are completely free to use! Each image can be downloaded in PNG or PSD format and you can even manipulate and rotate each asset in Photoshop via the free PixelSquid Photoshop plugin!

Watch Getting Started with PixelSquid

For further inspiration and to see how some PixelSquid assets have been used, please check out the PixelSquid Gallery on Tumblr.

How to Enter

  • Create an inspirational wallpaper that contains:
    • One or more images from PixelSquid
    • An inspirational quote (either your own or something well-known)
    • Great typography.
  • Post your image(s) right here in our official contest thread (simply drag and drop your full size image into your post). You can enter as many times as you like.
  • All images must be 1920px x 1080px in JPG format
  • Complete our official entry form (so we know where to send your prize should you win)
  • Read our full terms & conditions
  • Submit your entries by January 25, 2016.
Please see our FAQs for more details.

Prizes & Judging

We have some outstanding prizes up-for-grabs with a total prize fund of $3,000!
  • Grand Prize > Best Overall Wallpaper > $1,000
  • Runner-up > Best Overall Wallpaper > $500
Additional prizes/category-based:
  • Best Typography > $250
  • Best use of Photography > $250
  • Best use of Color > $250
  • Best use of PixelSquid Photoshop Layers > $250
  • Best digital manipulation > $250
  • Most inspirational > $250
The PixelSquid team will be judging all entries and will be looking for great use of object assets, overall design quality, and technical expertise. For the PixelSquid Photoshop Layers category, judges will be looking for great use of depth, lighting, and/or shadow via layered PixelSquid PSD files. See the helpful tips on PixelSquid PSD for more information.

Each winner can win a maximum of two prizes, for example, the Grand Prize ($1,000) and one additional prize ($250), or two additional prizes (2 x $250).

Important Dates

  • Deadline: 12pm midday AEDT on Monday, January 25, 2016. Your wallpaper(s) MUST be posted to our official thread by this date/time.
  • Winner Announcement: Monday, February 1, 2016 > Winners will be announced!

Good luck!


I’m on it.

I’m in too

Let’s play! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great contest, good luck everybody!

Just want to clarify something… some of the assets on PixelSquid are marked as ‘editorial use only’. I’m assuming we’re not allowed to use those ones? Or not? Thanks!

@SpaceStockFootage For the purpose of this contest, you may use anything in the PixelSquid library. The “editorial use only” verbiage pertains to commercial use. For example, if you were to create something using assets from the PixelSquid library with a view to selling or redistributing what you create. Hope that helps! :thumbsup:

Great stuff, thanks!

im in it tooo :heart_eyes:

Off topic, but:
Anyone else hates these website layouts like pixelsquid website?
I find it very hard to navigate. To me these kind of websites look like big pictures compensate for little content => not easy to navigate and organize.

However, interesting plugin (I’d prefer 3d objects tho). Good lucke everyone!

I’m trying submission my first image but there is no place to add image. Only name, paypal and envato user name. Where to upload image ? Thanks

Post your image here in this thread.

just drag and drop your image here in this thread

@Stormclub Just drag and drop your image into your forum post (in this thread) as shown below and then complete the official entry form separately. Good luck!

Thank you :slight_smile:

This is my first submission :slight_smile:

Let’s try :wink:

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hello :slightly_smiling:

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Payment will be only through paypal? D:
I have some problems with my paypal account.
The payment could be through payonner or otherwise?