Win $3,000 in our PixelSquid & Envato Wallpaper Contest



i vote for you bro, as ever :wink:

splendid, i love it :wink:

don’t forget to include an inspirational quote

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Here goes my submission! Dedicated to all the creative people out there!

I have a question

Where to get the main background image for my wallpaper ? PixelSquid provide us objects

but, can i use background image from any other website ?

I’m assuming you can use any image that you have permission to use… so anything you’ve licensed through a stock marketplace like PhotoDune would fit the bill.

Ok…So can i use free stock photos from or ?

Use any CC0 licensed photos :slight_smile:

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Can’t see that being a problem.

Image must be 1920x1080 px.

###Hello all, great to see so many entries coming in already! Just to repeat some of the important rules of the contest that some have already overlooked:

  • Your submission MUST contain:
  • An inspirational quote (either your own or something well-known)
  • One or more images from PixelSquid
  • Your submission should be 1920px x 1080px in JPG format

If you’ve already entered and your entry does not meet the above criteria, feel free to update and/or repost your entry. You can also enter multiple times but note that quality always wins over quantity!

Please read the original announcement for full details. Many thanks!

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<img src="//" width=“690” height=“388”