Wallpaper Design Contest #7: Macro


Originally published at: https://community.envato.com/wallpaper-design-contest-7-macro/

Our Wallpaper Design Contest runs each month with the aim of showcasing all the amazing creative talent we have within our community! This month’s theme is “Macro”.

We’re looking for creative macro images, designs, and/or photography you’ve taken that can be used to create beautiful and/or intriguing desktop wallpaper designs!

How to Enter

  • Simply post your wallpaper design via this challenge page. Please follow the guidelines via the following page:
  • Please note our rules of entry have slightly changed so make sure you read them! Most notably, please use the Envato logo in your design (not the Envato Market logo), and there is now only a minimum requirement of posting one image (multiple versions of the same image are permitted but it's optional). See the instructions above for full details.

Important Dates

The competition will run until midday, Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015 (AEST). Once the deadline has been reached, the votes of all entries will be recorded and the winner will be announced by the end of the following week.


We're going to try a little something different this time around! Now that we have "likes" added to our new forums, we're going to allow you (our community) to vote for your favorite wallpapers within Discourse. Simply click the "like" icon (shaped like a heart) below any submitted entries to register your vote. Please note that voting from multiple accounts or voting for your own submission is not permitted and is considered not fair game. Please play/vote fairly to avoid disqualification!


We'll send an Envato T-shirt to the entry with the most votes by the time the deadline has passed!

Help Choose the Next Theme!

If you have a great suggestion for an upcoming theme, please submit it via this form: http://envato.d.pr/1eAiz/39byzmPx We're looking forward to seeing all your awesome wallpapers and don't forget to follow the thread and vote for all your favorite entries! Good luck!


If you’ve entered our Wallpaper Design Contests in the past, please note a few minor changes!

  • You now only have to submit one wallpaper-sized image/entry as a minimum. You can include extra variations if you wish to, but this is optional.
  • If you like an entry, please vote for it right here in the forums!
  • Please use the Envato logo in your submission. A new PSD has been provided in the instructions.
  • Discourse allows you to drag-and-drop your full-size entry into your new forum post (right here in the official thread) and it will create a perfectly sized preview that hyperlinks to your full size image! No more self-hosting! :smile:

Many thanks and good luck!



why not :slight_smile:




Hi everyone! I’m in :wink:


I have a little question, should the image be made by photocamera or CG images are also could be accepted?


Funny thing about this photo, I looked at it in my gallery a couple of days ago and thought, Man, where can I submit this photo? I wish there was somewhere that I could share it!
So happy that I’ve noticed this contest. :blush:


Hi @vladimirvlasenko! Any image you have personally created is welcome - photo, graphic, design, 3D/CG render etc… Anything goes! Best of luck! :slight_smile:


Flies close up…


Real macro … Amazing


really cool :wink:






That’s a beauty! I’d better not like it though, just in case! :wink:


Giant spider! Quick! Everyone evacuate the forums! :wink: