Wallpaper Design Contest #6: Summer (Winners Announced!)

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Many congratulations to our latest wallpaper design winner! Each month we run a themed wallpaper contest and we invite our community to submit entries. This month’s theme was “summer”.

Many congratulations to our winner below and to everyone who entered. We’ll be in touch with the winner soon to arrange their prize. Other highlights from submissions are included below but please see the original forum thread for all entries and multiple wallpaper sizes.

Winner - RebornStudio



Join us next month for a brand new event with a brand new theme! Meanwhile, we’d love to hear your ideas for our next theme!


I made an improved version of my entry, here it is in widescreen format if anyone’s interested. :palm_tree: :sunglasses:

Download full size version: 2560x1440.

WOW man this is awesome. I just love it :slight_smile:

they are great! and the winner definitely feels like summer. I wish I were that person riding the bike

Hey! Hope you’re all happy with the winner and the other notable entries :slight_smile:

Any feedback on how we can better run the competition in the future would be greatly appreciated. Just send me a quick message!


Sam :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@moscovita which font is that > ? Great layout !

Lovely wallpapers!
Congratulations! :grinning:

It is a great happiness to participate and win a Digital Art contest. Every day this summer I spent at sea - breathed it, inspired by it, admired and enjoyed all its splendor. So when I learned about the topic Summer, I did not hesitate!
There is nothing more beautiful than the water in our universe!
I Thank all the participants, as well as Envato for the chance to create Beautiful and make the world better!

Stan Levandovsky
Reborn Studio

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Wow we’re on Highlights. :grinning:
congratulations to the winner and the other notable entries.

Wow, even your Sea Doo is Envato branded! :smiley: Well done, RebornStudio!

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Thank you!
I used ‘code’ and ‘novecento’ for the title and ‘raleway’ for the rest.

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Congratulations for the winner!!!

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You winning again! - Congrats,bro! :slight_smile: (( Vitajy tebe! :wink: ))