Will it be approved?

Hi everyone I created this animation and wanted some opinion

Looks good, but lens flares animation is too rough. And I dont think that is good idea to write “yur”

What romlam said. The flare needs the most work. Aside from that, I think it’s all a bit too fast. You have seven different ‘scenes’, I think you should slow it down a bit and go for four or five. I’d get a bit more ‘angle action’ going on as well, looking across the logo with some more depth of field goodness, rather than the more straight down and looking straight at the text kind of feel it’s got going on now. The texture is nice.

Thank you very much, I follow the advice.

And if I did 2 versions? One with the shots I did, and another with less shots and a little slower? Could be better, do you think about this?