New Item approved?

Hi guys, here is the new item I ve uploaded today keen to hear your thoughts will it be approved?


its too dark and Really In my point of view it did not have proper output quality. Sorry for the hard advice.
Some of the changes like increasing gold texture brightness and AO will help more to elevate the logo. background texture also not Is very brighter than the logo. I think You can reduce the grey section to the dark side. and also change the environment map too. I did not like it. camera angles are good.

Thanks for these suggestions, i will make it lighter and adjust the enviroment map, what did you mean by the output quality based on some settings rezolution or multisampling or overall,

If I understood correctly you said that the background is too dark? Or that I could make the grey area more darker or brighter?

Needs a bit of works still but I think I could make it work

How about now, I think with now its a lot brighter but I ve lost the feel of super glossy look I had before

Hi. Looks nice. But why small glam particles move like stop motion and not fluidly like the rest of the animation?

Hi, hm didnt noticed that until now its a fractal noise layer with animated evolution properties maybe I can make it smoother but its kinda glitter and glitter always looks like that

And maybe small particles moving smoothly instead of fractal noise with evolution?

Or maybe just slow down the evolution of the noise

Maybe that could work too

Better, anyway I think it still has that “stop motion” look. Maybe is just my opinion, or maybe making even more smooth the evolution, or as I mentioned, particles

Yeah sorry I didnt change the evolution just yet this one was rendering before you brought it to my attention But I m working on it now

Besides that what do you think overall?

I like it. Just the final shot makes some visual noise to me with that background texture, my opinion anyway. I would increase the vignette darkness and put some spot light (or if it already has it, increase light intensity) to the logo to make it more visible

Yeah I m gonna do that still thinking what more could I do to really elevate the entire look

Ok so I ve replaced the noise with the particles and now I think it acts like glitter does what do you think now?

I think it looks really good now. Why particles disappear at the end? Too much visual noise from the far camera position?

Yeah it just looks like to much so I decided to fade them away and added flares to the gold texture so I think that its better this way :slight_smile:

wish me luck I ve uploaded it for approval

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