vote, will be rejected or accepted. afx scene file

rejected or accepted ?
The preview quality is not great. looks much better in HD

If ten was a 100% accepted, and zero was a 100% rejected… id say it was about a three or a four. I.e. it might get approved, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if was rejected.

any more voters ?

I like the way in the end reveals logo but i did not like the begining to be honest

Yeah, really nice work. I’d have to agree though - it’s a toss up whether it’ll be accepted or not.

If you’re interested how I think it could improve to better your chances:

I would lose the whole beginning following the trail through the black to the puff of smoke. Kill that lens flare. I’d skip the beginning and just start with the smoke explosion in the center of the screen revealing the logo. Basically just start the project at 0:02. It’s enough. I’d also put it on a cleaner background. Flat white or flat colors. I think that would increase your chances quite a bit.

the start rocket can be turned off, if the buyer doesn’t like it. The lens flair still needs to be there to start the explosion.

While a back I did similar product but got hard rejected, I hope yours get approved.

was rejected