Hard Reject. Need advice!!!

So this is the template.
Would like to know what is wrong for hard rejection.
Thank You!

Need some help!!

Hi, I like the cloth but I think that the logo materials need a little work.
The original color version has a very bright reflection map and appears burnt in some areas.
Also the golden version looks too saturated in my eyes.
The golden particles need to have a more natural movement because they seem too computer generated.
Also I can’t see clearly what is happening with the logo edges. They appear to be a little blurred but maybe it is because your video is only at 480p.

Thank You for Your comment :slight_smile:
The edges are blurred cause of quality. In original everything looks ok.
I will try to finish it - thank You for advises! :slight_smile:

Remove this weird background.
Overall this project sooo static and looks outdated. Sorry ( I’m not sure that such a project will be approved :frowning: