Hard Rejection

I know thats a first time for everything and this is my first hard rejection. Ok, I know this not the best template and clearly could be improved, but I was acctually surprised for the rejection because It is a simple logo reveal and I had seen a lot of others approved with quality standards similar to this one. I even made some extra scenes and transitions.

So, the question is why the reviewer does not leave a message justifying the rejeciton? It has a default message saying it does not meet the criteria.

But the worst thing is “and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.” Does this mean I cannot improve the template and submit it again?

Main issue is the logo reveal , it just opacity animation. It should interact with rose petal in some way.


Thanks for the reply santoshw7885, the idea was for the rose petals to reveal the logo with alpha but I could make it interact more with the logo, no problem. Your review was great, direct to the point I guess.

But could I change the logo animation and improve someother aspects to submitt again? (From what I understood I cannot) Or is it better to render the assets and go to another marketplace?

Thanks for the comment, trying to understand how everything works

Here is a similar example Elegant Nature Logo by St_Denis | VideoHive , check how the logo is revealed in this example (my guess - use of CC Image Wipe with flower layer as a gradient & animated simple chocker value 30 to 0 ). always try to keep some amount of motion logo it is very static.

Looks good to me