Videohive. Hard Rejection. Really???

Hi, guys. I can’t believe this item was rejected. Hard rejected! I’m losing motivation to continue struggling… Any advice? I really need your help.

Çok sıkıcı.

Your camera angles are too simmilar. It doesn’t add anything having 3 different angles, when they all show the same thing. You should plan out your camera angles more

But if you want to use camera angles you need more detail. Usually people go with strokes around the logo edges, but you need some sort of detail and something happening for close up shots. You can maybe play more with the light, so as the camera moves, the light reveals a more hidden logo.

The flare is a “cheap” transition between angles, I would not recommend it to cover up missing details.

Anyway, I recommend taking more time to plan out projects in the future. Spend a couple of hours drafting ideas, first

Thank you for so extensive response, buddy! Really appreciate your time. Means a lot to me.

Good luck with your next project brother :slight_smile:

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Hello, I think the shadow inside the logo is very strong it bothers me a little to see it, since the second 37 looks much better without that shadow so marked in the center of the logos, also the second music in the previous is very contrasted with The initial music I would prefer to harmonize at the same pace everything, and finally should see the logo in its total size at the end of the camera movements. Only my opinion greetings and luck

Agree with the camera movements. I’m not too keen on the reflection as well, maybe that could be a bit better. Possibly some kind of image could be used rather than a generated texture. Needs a bit more atmosphere as well. The last scene kind of works with the flare and the particles, maybe there could be more of that in the other scenes. I’m not sure… but still looks pretty slick.

Thank you for your feedback, brother. I think you’re talking about reflections, not shadows. But I get the point. I’ll do some adjustments.

Thank you! Your help is really appreciated.

Yes, camera and reflections might be the factors that need the most attention. Thank you!

Can’t thank you enough for your help. Hugs!

Who the hell give you permission to use all this logos?