Hard Rejected Logo

I uploaded two days ago this project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8B4HuObDkE. I spent more than a month to build this from ground and it was hard rejected today. Can you help me to find what is wrong with it.
And the same time this project with the very similar theme and title was accepted two days ago.
[link removed]. So coincident.
Is my project really worse than it?

In my opinion, your camera movements and angles are a bit jarring. It doesn’t really feel natural, the first shot eases in, and then you can start to see the ease out right before it cuts to a quick tracking movement, then suddenly dollying in very quickly from far away, it just doesn’t make much sense. I think you could fix this by keeping a fluid motion between each shot, where the movement speed is consistent with no sudden ramps until it eases out at the end.

The overall look makes it look a bit unfinished. I’m not sure what it is exactly, maybe the lighting, materials, or rendering. Maybe try giving it a bit more contrast with some non-symmetrical lights, rather than the very flat lighting you have.

I think the sound effects could be a bit better, especially that woosh at the beginning, it’s too heavy, I would expect something a bit more sharp and metallic, since the camera is moving through a thin metal grate.

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For me this looks really good, besides the things that @XioxGraphix pointed out. Just at the end I wouldn’t fully zoom into the logo, I would leave even the tv a bit visible in the frame. Now it feels too up close and also the transition from detailed 3D render to flat fully 2D scene doesn’t help.

Else perhaps you could work on the logo reveal, maybe reveal it with some more modern glitch, like the logo appears from a static noise or distorts in a static noise like style. Look up “Ben Marriot” tutorials on youtube, he has a new glitch tutorial, you could borrow some techniques from there to take the logo reveal to the next level :+1:

I think the problem is in the 3d render quality: there is no light in 3d environment, also texture to low quality. I 've seen your another projects in the portolio with much bettter render quality.

Thanks everyone!
I will heavily modify project. Do not want to give up with this.

Unless your scene DEMANDS multiple angles, you’re almost always better off using just one continuous camera. Your start position and end position are very good, you just needed to figure out a way to merge them in one camera motion, in an interesting way

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Agree. 2nd camera adds some mess.