Rejected project please help me

I don’t really the understand the rejection of this template to be honest, so I am seeking feedback from other authors. Any feedback is appreciated!



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The quality of the 3d render is very good, that cannot be the problem. Maybe the logo reveal is too basic but I certainly wouldn’t have hard rejected this.

Let me tag @MotionRevolver, maybe he can give an insight.


Hi. I agree with @Creattive . 3D render and lights look great, sound too. I think logo reveal is not that basic, 3D and logo reveal look good together, not like separate things. It´s just my opinion. I really can´t say the reason of hard rejection. Let´s wait for an answer from reviewer, that will help.
Good Luck! :+1:

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this is a answer from envato

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “F1 Logo opener” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:

Ok. But that´s the standard answer for almost everybody when your project is hard rejected. It would be nice that you have a more specific answer from reviewer about the reason of your rejection. I still think, as @Creattive does, that your project doesn´t deserve a hard rejection.

this 3d is wonderful - maybe in the end this box is “not good to go”
my opinion
carry on

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I’d really like to get an official statement to what exactly is so wrong here. The commercial value of it can be questioned but the execution looks fine to me, care to give an insight, any reviewer reading this?

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It’s not really clear or distinguishable. The contrast is way too harsh overall. The white stripe on top is too big/bright and has too much 100% white in it which makes it look like some abstract over-exposed splatter.

The road itself needs some texture and it should be faded on the edges. The car could also use more texturing. Something to add a little “dirt” cause it looks too clean as it is. Maybe some parts of the car have different materials.

Some of the stripes on the sides I think are too big also. You should never have that much 100% white on the screen or any given frame. Try to make them a little thinner, and maybe also add more even thinner stripes to compliment them and have more detail that way.

You could also have the car leave some sort of colored trails as well. Just make sure these trails dont ‘overtake’ the composition.

The box for the logo also has too clean of a texture.

I really like the 3rd camera, but the second camera really feels too static. It should have a slight movement going maybe from right to left to sort of ‘follow’ the car and maybe act more of as intermediate between scene 1 and 2. The camera could also slightly shake as the car passes (maybe).

I think the whole sequence would’ve benefited a lot more if it had an awesome soundtrack instead of sound effects

To me, the harsh contrast look is the style that the author was going for, and while one may subjectively dislike it, it works as a whole for me, the elements of the animation fit good together.

The same is for the clean textures, this fits well in this style, in my opinion, while not being realistic, but none of the animation is supposed to be realistic but stylistic.

The car leaving colored trails seems like an addition that may fit well but is not necessary really for the animation to work as we have the streaks in the tunnel already. More isn’t always better.

I’m not saying that all your points are invalid Voxyde, but objectively they are not a necessity, rather than a subjective “Yeah I think that is better this way”.

Would you have hard rejected it because of your raised points?

The animation presented here is on par with what we see on the marketplaces daily, so I don’t think the hard reject is justified. A soft reject for the over-exposed top streak and other little tweaks maybe, but hard rejecting this?

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I understand that’s the style the author was going for. I might’ve put a little too much emphasis on it. We need look no further than TRON to get the style that the author was going for:

Ok so let’s say the author wasn’t going for photo-realism with the look and feel of the project, but the 3D model of the car IS realistic, and when you put a basic shader on it, it comes off as ‘cheap’. The problem is that the project wants to be stylistic AND realistic, and ends up being neither.

It’s much better to just ground the project in ‘photo-realism’ with more advanced texturing, and just add the style on top of it (light streaks and particles).

I would have rejected it because, while it may seem like a complex project, it really isn’t. The model (probably bought or found for free) is animated along a plane in a straight line, inside a cylinder that has that white texture on top that looks like a stretched out stock HUD FX video. The most complex part of the whole project is probably the way the 3rd camera is animated. It also looks like this is all ONE render without any further compositing in AE.

With all respect to the author, I don’t think it’s on par with the quality on the marketplace. While some not-so-good projects may slip through the cracks sometimes (and I can put a few of mine here as well), there is some really good 3D stuff on the market

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Thanks for the explanation Voxyde, it gives me a better understanding on why this might have been rejected :slight_smile:

I guess we just have to disagree here.

I don’t think that the realism of the shape of the 3D model makes anything else than realistic textures look cheap.

The project is not complex, I agree, but I disagree that a project has to be complex to be visually appealing.

That there are better works here, yes, sure, better is always possible. But do I see 3D animations getting approved everymonth on this marketplaces that look not better than this one as well? In my opinion, yes.

Nevertheless, good luck to you Mshon with your next project, I hope you will have more luck with that :slight_smile:

edit/ I agree with you about this being very similar to the TRON look.


Of course this was all just my opinion. I try to be as objective as possible but I won’t ever get rid of my personal bias when giving advice. I think having these discussions are worth-while for everyone, and would also love to hear what reviewers and others might say.

Hope I didn’t discourage the author. At the very least I believe the project isn’t that far away from an approved submission.

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